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The Trusted Payroll Provider for Small Businesses

As a SCORE National Corporate Patron, Paychex processes payroll for over 500,000 small businesses, with nationally respected products and local, personalized service.

  • Convenient – Submit payroll online, by phone, or fax.
  • Personal – Talk to a dedicated, local Payroll specialist.
  • Safe & Secure – Independently audited and publicly traded.
  • Complete – Calculates liabilities, makes tax deposits, and files your returns.

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The Top 10 Mistakes That Cost Employers Money
Stay on top of changing payroll, employment, and benefits regulations

Payroll White Papers

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When Small Businesses Outsource Payroll
Uncover hidden advantages for your organization
when you outsource payroll processing.

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Payroll Processing and the Entrepreneur
Learn the importance of an accurate and dependable
payroll system for employers and employees.

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Payroll and a 401(k) Plan Go Better Together
Integrate your payroll and 401(k) to make retirement
plan administration easier, more accurate, and secure.

Payroll FAQ

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Answers to frequently asked questions from the previously conducted webinar:
How to Avoid 10 Payroll Mistakes That Cost Businesses Money.



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Submit payroll in as few as two clicks and leave the processing to a national industry leader, backed by live, local support from a personal Payroll Specialist.

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Paychex gives you and your employees the connectivity needed to transform your mobile phones into a network of powerful productivity and management tools.

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