Paychex HR leadership series
Episode #4

Holistic Wellbeing with guest speaker Steve Boese

Traditionally, wellness has been thought of in a physically healthy sense. But over time, organizations have found that thinking about wellbeing in a more comprehensive manner is not only preferable and better for the employees, but also better for the organization.

Listen to this wide-ranging conversation with Steve Boese, Co-Founder of H3 HR Advisors, Inc., as we discuss what a more holistic approach to wellbeing really means, and what steps you can take to put it into action in your organization.

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“You need to look at all the things that factor into whether a person is good and happy and productive in the organization.”


About Speaker Name

Steve Boese is co-chair of the HR Technology Conference, the leading global event for the HR technology industry, and a technology columnist for Human Resource Executive Magazine. Additionally, Steve Co-founded H3 HR Advisors Inc., and is a frequent author and speaker on Human Resources, HR Technology, and the workplace.

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