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It’s not the intent, it’s the impact – when it comes to workplace harassment.

Workplace harassment is a serious matter that can affect not only the victim, but also, the workplace environment and your bottom line.

Let us help you mitigate your workplace harassment liability. Our HR professionals can provide the support, best practices, and tools you need to help you mitigate your exposure to workplace harassment.

  • What constitutes discrimination?

    Charges by employees against their employers may be brought when an employee or job applicant feels they have been unlawfully discriminated against in the workplace. The discrimination can be perpetrated by management, another employee, or even someone outside the organization.

  • What is a discrimination claim?

    A discrimination claim is a written, complaint, or notice in which damages are alleged or where specific charges of unlawful discrimination are brought.

  • How are charges brought?

    Any worker who feels they have been discriminated against, or who feels they have been retaliated against for supporting a discriminated worker, can bring a charge against their employer. Charges can be filed with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the equivalent state Human Rights agency. To get an accurate picture of discrimination charge activity, you may look to both federal (EEOC) and state data.*

How Paychex can help

Human Resource Outsourcing: Our dedicated HR professionals provide best practices while our HR business partners help you proactively address key areas of liability, helping ease your concerns about employee relations and accommodations, terminations, and other employee-workplace issues.

With Paychex PEO+, your company is assigned a dedicated HR professional, who has received specialized risk-management training and is directly supported by an employment law attorney**, along with a team of subject-matter experts. They can address concerns and provide advice about employee relations and accommodations, as well as terminations and other employee-workplace issues.

Paychex EPLI Program: Paychex can provide Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) to help protect your business when certain claims are made alleging wrongful employment practices, this may include discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and inappropriate employment conduct, as defined and conditioned in the policy, and subject to the deductible stated in the Client Service Agreement. Paychex has partnered with leading national employment law firm Jackson Lewis, P.C., assuring competitive rates and comprehensive coverage, to provide your organization with the protection it needs from allegations of wrongful employment practices.

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