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Find Out if You Qualify for the ERTC

Take our quick assessment to see if you pre-qualify for the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). We’ve been successful in helping more than 49,000 businesses receive an average of $190,0001 in tax credits. Will you be one of them?

What is the ERTC?

Because you kept your employees working during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be eligible to get back some of the money you paid in payroll taxes.

  • The ERTC is a refundable credit you can claim on qualified wages you paid employees — upwards of 70%
  • You have three years to claim the credit retroactively from when you filed your original tax return
  • The Paychex ERTC Service helps businesses claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit retroactively to March 12, 2020


Our Team Has Helped More Than 49,000 Businesses Receive ERTC Funds. Here’s How.

Our ERTC experts have helped thousands of eligible businesses across the country receive tax credits that are as much as 70% of wages paid. That can add up to more than $100,000 in some cases. If you’re business is eligible, our specially trained ERTC experts will:

  • Do a complete review of wages to determine if they qualify
  • Provide a report and documentation of all calculations
  • Prepare and file your amended return accurately so that it doesn’t get delayed or rejected

Think of what you could do with that kind of money—promote your business, reward your employees, or just save it for a rainy day. If you’re eligible, our ERTC Service Team will help make it happen.

How This Wine Bar Got a $60,000 Fresh Start

Talk about bad timing. Courtney Benson opened Viticulture Wine Bar just days before the government ordered businesses to shut down due to COVID-19. Although closing her business was a challenge, Courtney’s determination kept it afloat and she was eventually able to rehire employees. Her Paychex representative suggested she consider the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). To her surprise, she was eligible for 50% of payroll refunds for 2020, and 70% for 2021, and expects to get nearly $60,0001 refunded to her. Courtney plans to use the funds to promote her business and reward her staff with pay raises.

Watch our video to see how this business got its groove back.


Get Help Finding Tax Credits

Even if you weren’t a customer in 2020 and 2021, switch providers to Paychex and we can help you with an initial review to see if you’re eligible for the Employee Retention Tax Credit3.