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Learn Paychex Flex: Time Off Management Features & Enhancements

Get the first look at new ways to engage employees and streamline your time-off processes.


Donna Rohrs, Paychex

Megan Cloutier, Paychex

Time-off tracking can be complicated, but with new features and enhancements in Paychex Flex®, you can easily customize a streamlined time-off system to meet the needs of your business and employees.

You’re invited to attend our live webinar where you’ll learn how to make the most of time-off management within Paychex Flex and as part of our full-featured time and attendance solution, Paychex Flex Time.

Webinar host Donna Rohrs and Paychex product owner Megan Cloutier will show you how these new features can help prevent employee issues, save valuable time for business admin, and reduce manual calculations and adjustments.

  • View time-off balances in real time
  • Request time off in Paychex Flex and route it to a manager for approval
  • Automatically notify employees of approval and indicate time off on their personal calendars


This event is not eligible for CPE or IRS CE credit.

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We’ll do the hard work of switching payroll companies

Changing payroll companies can be a hassle — but when you switch to Paychex, it’s our pleasure. We have the know-how and experience to take care of everything involved with switching payroll companies, from working with you to collect the necessary paperwork to balancing your year-to-date payroll data.

We can even get you up and running in as little as 48 hours after signing up. Simply provide some necessary paperwork and info (federal ID number, employee bank accounts, etc.) and, as your new payroll provider, we’ll take care of setting up your account. To make things go even faster, we’re often able to help you pull your data directly from your previous payroll company's system.

Dedicated help every step of the way

Throughout the onboarding process you'll have a one-to-one service experience:

  • Sales representative will help you gather the necessary information.
  • Implementation specialist will audit back to the beginning of the year and process your first few payrolls for you.
  • Designated payroll specialist, who will be your one point of contact once you're fully onboarded, is 100 percent accountable to make sure you're taken care of.