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Cut through the red tape with Paychex solutions for small business

Even with a few employees, it can be extremely difficult to comply with the paperwork, taxes, and other burdens required of businesses today. At Paychex, we strive to make it easier. We help lighten the load for over a half million small businesses, so owners can fully dedicate themselves to their vision for the company.

Here are a few of our small business solutions designed especially for employers with 1–9 workers, but scalable to grow or change with your business goals.


Service how and when you want it
Gain the peace of mind that comes with service from knowledgeable professionals committed to helping you succeed.

All our packages include 24/7 support, and you’ll also have the option to work with a dedicated payroll specialist and/or highly trained HR professional for a more personalized service experience.


One platform for your employment needs
Run your business from wherever you are with Paychex Flex®, our all-in-one HR solution.

  • Time and attendance
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Health insurance
  • Payroll services
  • Benefits administration
  • HR recordkeeping
  • Retirement/separation

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Payroll made easy

All our payroll solutions include everything you need to easily manage a payroll with 1–9 employees, including officer-only and nanny payrolls. Our standard features include:

• Flexible payroll processing — online, over the phone, or by email
• Payroll tax payment and filing
• Employee self-service
• 24/7 service from experienced payroll professionals

But we also offer the ability to add other services, such as state unemployment insurance (SUI) administration, labor distribution and job costing, and garnishment payments if your needs change in the future.