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Reduce Payroll Costs— And Increase Employee Satisfaction

Offer the flexibility of a paycard. With the Skylight ONE® Prepaid Mastercard®, you can pay employees via direct deposit, without requiring a traditional bank account.

Gain Piece of Mind— And Give Your Employees Options

The Skylight® PayOptions™ Program is available at no charge to your business (shipping costs may apply). Pending card activation and identity verification1, this paycard program provides employees all the conveniences of a debit card while helping you avoid the costs and inconveniences of lost or stolen checks, bank reconciliation of uncashed checks, and fraudulent checks.


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45 Years of Industry Expertise
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Over 600,000 Payroll Clients
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Pays 1 in 12 U.S. Private-sector Workers
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#1 Ranked 401(k) Plan Recordkeeper**
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