What Does Tax Reform Mean For My Small Business?

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5 Tips for Keeping up with Tax Reform

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Paychex can help you stay compliant now and in the future

Are you sure your payroll company is ready for the new tax reform law changes? If not, your company's payroll may not be compliance in time for the changes to federal law.

Paychex has already run payroll with the new tax tables for our clients. So we’re not just getting ready. Our clients are all set!

Beyond changes to these tax tables that need to be updated in February, there will be ongoing tax reform changes that will impact your business and your employees.

For example, are you and your employees ready for:

  • Upcoming Withholding Certificate (Form W-4) changes
  • The tax credit for providing certain paid medical and family leave programs
  • Employee fringe benefits changes

As an industry leader, we speak on a regular basis with the IRS and state tax authorities to stay aware of new developments. We will also help you to understand what these laws and regulations might mean to you and your employees.

Get the full benefits of tax reform

It’s our goal to make sure that our businesses and our clients are up-to-date. We're able to implement regulatory changes to our systems in a timely manner to support our clients in meeting their obligations.

Get more done with Paychex payroll software

  • Cloud-based, easy-to-use payroll software
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Payroll processing in as few as two clicks
  • Built-in safeguards
  • Automatic payroll tax calculation, payment, and filing
  • Free mobile app — start payroll on your desktop, finish on your phone or tablet, or vice versa
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Online employee self-service
  • Employee pay options including direct deposit
  • 24/7 tech support from experienced professionals
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